About Us



Michael and Nikki met at Texas A&M in College Station, Texas. Part of the initial attraction was their love and appreciation of agriculture. In 2015 their careers had them in the big city, distanced from their agricultural roots, so they began keeping bees, as a hobby. It started with one hive, which Michael paid a guy $50 to remove the bees from his barnyard junk pile. One hive has now turned into more than 100 and the hobby is now a growing business. By God's grace, they moved out of the city and now Nikki manages the business full time. Their two sons, Eli (12) and Quinn (8), are budding entrepreneurs, with their own talents in the business. Eli caught his first swarm last summer and has been working to manage his first hive (E1). Eli also produces and sells honey straws. Quinn is getting his wild flower seed sales up and going now. It’s his efforts to save the bees. Nikki says it has been rewarding to teach to the kids about bee management, in the same manner her folks taught to her about beef cattle herd management. Both Michael and Nikki will tell you that the bees are an amazing gift from God. After spending time with their first hive and trying to think of a name for their bee business, they landed firmly on Saint Abigail. She is the Patron Saint of honeybees and beekeepers. She was an amazing lady to used the God given powers of honey and beeswax to heal the sick and protect her community.

We are thankful to be raising bees in Wall, America. We believe in creating a sustainable beekeeping practice with attention to the ever-changing research on the topic and sensitivity toward native pollinators. We offer local swarm removal, hive management services for businesses and estates, as well as honey and other bee products.